We advise and litigate on all aspects of environmental law (spatial administrative law).

Every year, we bring many licensing procedures and zoning plan procedures to a successful conclusion, from start to finish. Where necessary, we proceed to the Council of State. In doing so, we work efficiently and with a focus on results. With our experience, we are able to serve professional real estate parties and (semi)public authorities on the highest level.


We advise on spatial planning and the environment (zoning plan, environmental permit, environmental standards), but also on specific building regulations, such as fire safety, welfare criteria, parking standards and monument law.

In addition, we guide anterior agreements and advise on land exploitation, cost recovery, municipal pre-emptive rights, expropriation and plan damage.

Other property-related administrative law is also part of our expertise. Examples include    administrative procedural law, supervision and enforcement, nature conservation law, energy law, telecommunication law, heritage law, subsidy law, hotel and catering law, traffic law, (educational) housing law and government decision liability.

We work closely together with our (civil law) colleagues in the context of contracting and transactions (due diligence).

Areas of attention:

  • Environmental law (spatial administrative law)
  • Environmental law
  • Nature conservation law
  • Cost recovery, land exploitation and anterior agreements
  • WVG (Municipalities Preferential Rights Act) and expropriation
  • Plan damage and disadvantage compensation
  • Government liability
  • (Education) housing law