Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

STIJL Advocaten takes the responsibility for the impact of its business activities on people and the environment seriously. It is our ambition to do business in a sustainable and climate-neutral way. We remind our employees of their responsibility in this respect and closely follow developments in the field of sustainability. If necessary, we adjust our sustainability strategy.

Environment and sustainability

Climate Neutral Group (CNG) maps out our CO2 emissions. STIJL Advocaten has opted for compensation based on 100% Gold Standard Coocking Stove credits. With these credits STIJL Advocaten’s CO2 footprint is compensated. Click here for a link to the certificate.

In addition to its climate benefits, the Gold Standard aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the local community. We contribute to the so-called Coocking Stove project in Kenya. Because of the efficient combustion of these wood furnaces, much less wood is needed, CO2 emissions are reduced and there is little or no smoke. The reduction in CO2-emissions results in CO2-credits that make the financing of this project possible. Click here for the impact report of STIJL Advocaten’s CO2 footprint for the year 2017 and click here for a link to a movie about this project. For more information we refer you to the website of Climate Neutral Group.

In addition, STIJL Advocaten does everything else to achieve the most efficient and sustainable use of energy, paper, ink and other office supplies. For example, our office uses light sensors and has a sustainable purchasing policy for the purchase of food products and all other office supplies.


STIJL Advocaten likes to contribute to the cultural offer in the Netherlands. That is why we have entered into a partnership with the Art Museum The Hague and are a partner of the permanent exhibition: ‘Mondriaan & De STIJL; the definitive home base for De STIJL in the Netherlands’.

The Mondriaan collection of the Art Museum The Hague is unique in the world and comprises almost 300 works. It covers all stages of the impressive career of this great master of modern art. STIJL Advocaten feels closely related to ‘De STIJL & Mondriaan’ as the largest architectural movement that the Netherlands has known. Click here to go to the webpage of the Art Museum The Hague.

For more information, please contact us: Taco Hovius,, 020 346 99 80.

Fruitful Office

We consider the well-being of our employees and a healthy working environment to be important. That is why we order fruit baskets from Fruitful Office on a weekly basis. Fruitful Office believes that fresh fruit increases the quality of life at work and at the same time is committed to a sustainable and fair society. For example, Fruitful Office plants one fruit tree in Malawi (Africa) for every delivered fruit basket.

By ordering fruit baskets from Fruitful Office we helped planting 25 fruit trees in Malawi in the period January to March 2017! In 2016 we ate a total of 103(!) fruit trees.

For more information, see the website of Fruitful Office.