Project development

We are often involved in stand-alone (building) projects. Within the project development practice, we provide advice, take legal action and negotiate on office buildings, industrial sites, distribution centres, shopping centres, residential complexes, urban (re)developments, car parks, infrastructure etc. This not only includes new projects but also transformation of existing buildings.

In this context, we offer integral services in all areas of civil and administrative law. From spatial planning, procurement and construction to (turnkey) sales, financing and guarantees, rental, management, sustainability aspects and park management.

Transaction practice

The transaction practice deals with the assistance in the sale and purchase of property. This may concern the real property itself or the project company in which it is held (portfolio sale). We also supervise negotiations and the establishment and structuring of underlying partnerships. Furthermore, we conduct due diligence research of civil law and administrative law. International law firms appoint us on a regular basis for the real estate aspects of deals.

Trusted consultants and experts

We offer advice on building, contracting and maintenance contracts (amongst others, UAV (Uniform Administrative Provisions for the Execution of Works), UAV-GC (Administrated Conditions for Integrated Contracts), DB(F)MO (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate)), architect and consultant contracts (SR (Standard Conditions Legal Relationship Client – Architect), DNR (The New Regulations), RVOI (Regulation of the relationship between the Client and the advising Engineer Bureau), rent law (commercial, office and residential premises) and spatial planning law and environmental law. We prepare the required agreements and answer questions regarding existing or absent intellectual property rights of architects or specific building regulations, such as building aesthetics requirements, fire safety and parking availability ratios.

Furthermore, we have experience in cultural heritage law (amongst others, listed building permits, cultural-historical values and archaeology) and in housing law (amongst others, conversion of use of residential buildings to non-residential uses, short-stay permits).

Specific focus areas in project development:

  • Purchase/sale
  • Rights in rem (amongst others, long leasehold, right of superficies)
  • Construction law
  • Architect law
  • Transformation
  • Rent law
  • Property management
  • Liability
  • Spatial planning law
  • Environmental law