mr. I.A. van Riel (Ilco)

T: +31 20 346 99 80
M: +31 6 48 10 26 02


Ilco van Riel


Ilco focuses on area development, (civil) construction law and (European) procurement law and state aid.

Specialist areas

Ilco van Riel practices in both advice and litigation and works in the areas of area development, (civil) construction law and (European) procurement law and state aid. His expertise in these areas ranges from advising and preparing contracts to litigation for both the civil courts and the Court of Arbitration for the Building Industry.

Ilco has extensive experience in procurement law in which he acts as a counsel for companies, who launch tenders and for companies, who act as a tenderer. He provides advice on tender procedures, on the preparation of tender documents and represents clients in procurement disputes. Furthermore, he focuses on civil construction law – in the broadest sense of the word – and represents clients, contractors and consultants, both in and out of court.

Ilco has registered the following legal areas in the register of legal areas of the Netherlands Bar:
– Real estate law / Construction law
– Procurement law

According to the standards of the Netherlands Bar the registration obliges him to obtain ten training credits per year in each of the registered legal areas.


Ilco obtained his Master Business law (and also the Masterclass European law) at the University of Utrecht. Prior to joining STIJL Advocaten, he worked at the property law department of CMS, located in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

Ilco is a member of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Aanbestedingsrecht (Dutch Association for Procurement Law) and of the Vereniging voor Bouwrecht-Advocaten (Association for Construction Law Lawyers).


Dutch, English.